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Giuliani, A., Changing images of the legal past: F. K. von Savigny, H. Kantorowicz and P. Glenn

Giuliani, A., The age of presumptions. A study of Jacopo Menochio’s De praesumptionibus (1587)


Chapter 1500-1650, in:Western Legal Traditions (series Ius Commune Casebooks, Oxford, Hart Publishing)project directors R. Van Rhee, S. Masferrer and S. Donlan, Other contributors: J.L. Halperin, J. Vanderlinden, D. Heirbaut, O. Morétau and others.

Hermann Kantorowicz as a philosopher of language

Ius commune europaeum and the crisis of legal science, 1930-60

What a legal historian can learn from the neo-Thomist revival of John Poinstot’s Tractatus de Signis (1632-34)

What is information? (non-testimonial knowledge)