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Articles In press Giuliani, A., Jacobus Cujacius’ afterlife in the Age of Enlightenment, in: Géraldine Cazals and Nader Hakim (eds.), La Renaissance dans la pensée juridique contemporaine (Garnier) [2022] In print Giuliani, A., Chapter “1500-1650,” in Western Legal Traditions, eds. R. Van Rhee, A. Masferrer and S. Donlan (Ius Commune Casebooks, Oxford, Hart) [forthcoming 2021] Giuliani, …

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Theory of presumption

Presumption as a form of reasoningA study of Jacopo Menochio’sDe praesumptionibus (1587) Based exclusively on primary sources, this study charts the reformulation of judicial proof in the late 16th c. following the introduction of the dualism of direct/indirect (or artificial/inartificial) proof in Jacopo Menochio’s treatise De praesumptionibus (1587). This study is a textual analysis of …

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I received my first legal education by my father, the legal philosopher Alessandro Giuliani (1925-1997). He lived accompanied by his insightful (and in academia still influential) logo-centric idea of the law which he based on the ‘other Aristotle’, the author not of the Organon, but of the Rhetoric, Politics and Ethics. Living at home meant …

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Antiformalism in Law

Delighted to give a talk on the legal philosopher Alessandro Giuliani (my father) for the seminar series ‘Masters of the 19th century‘ . The title was “The antiformalism of Alessandro Giuliani (1925-1997): past, present and future” (in Italian).


Law as Information: Expanding on an unfinished side of Patrick Glenn’s theory of legal traditions Synopsis A massive attention is focused today on the sweeping effects of information technology on the law. According to its supporters this is ‘a disruptive technology’ that is leading to radical and sweeping changes which will be impacting on the …

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Changing images of the legal past.
Legal theory shaping legal history during the 20th century

Book project Todi, Italy, 1962, Conference celebrating Bartolus’ VI. centenary, “Bartolus European jurist.” The present research takes life from a paper I presented at the subsequent Bartolian celebration of 2012: “Bartolus without Bartolism”. That paper intended to respond to the prolusion on “Bartolism” made by the leading legal historian Francesco Calasso during that earlier occasion. …

Changing images of the legal past.
Legal theory shaping legal history during the 20th century
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