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Publications are available for download from my SSRN page. Articles Giuliani, A., Chapter “1500-1650”,” in A Companion to Western Legal Traditions, eds. R. Van Rhee, A. Masferrer and S. Donlan (Brill 2024) ISBN: 978-90-04-68725-7 Giuliani, A. “What is innovation in legal history? Gino Gorla and the rise of comparative legal history“ in MC Malaguti (ed.), Ricordando Gino […]

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Presumption theory

Presumptions during the age of artificial proofs. A study of Jacopo Menochio’s De praesumptionibus (1587) Based exclusively on primary sources, this study charts the reformulation of judicial proof in the late 16th c. following the introduction of the dualism of artificial/inartificial proofs in Jacopo Menochio’s treatise De praesumptionibus (1587). This study is a textual analysis

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Law as Information: Expanding on an unfinished side of Patrick Glenn’s theory of legal traditions Synopsis A massive attention is focused today on the sweeping effects of information technology on the law. According to its supporters this is ‘a disruptive technology’ that is leading to radical and sweeping changes which will be impacting on the

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